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A self-guided online course and community for entrepreneurs raising seed capital. Everything you need to know to hit the fundraising trail.

For the moment, Angel School for Entrepreneurs is not accepting new members. We're making lots of great changes to our online course and will share those in the near future. To stay up-to-date, please join our mailing list.

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Do you want to raise a round of funding but need the confidence to get started? Looking for a safe place to learn?

You’re not alone. Female founders are the fastest growing segment of entrepreneurs in North America, and yet only 2.7% of venture funding goes to female CEOs. In Angel School for Entrepreneurs, learn how to access the funds to accelerate your growth.

Join our self-guided interactive online training program. This course will get you ready to hit the fundraising trail.

For the moment, Angel School for Entrepreneurs is not accepting new members. We're making lots of great changes to our online course and will share those in the near future. To stay up-to-date, please join our mailing list.

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How It Works

Play Video Check out this video for our companion course Angel School for Investors. As a student you’ll get access and support from our entire Angel School community, including our investment group.
  • Six Learning Modules (Videos, Podcasts, Case Studies)
  • Monthly Calls w/Industry Experts
  • Active Alumni Network, Lifetime Access to Content
  • Periodic “Demo Days” — Selected Students Will Have the Opportunity to Pitch Investors!

How to Know You’re the Perfect Fit For Angel School:

  • You’re actively raising or preparing to raise seed capital
  • You’ve incorporated and have a minimum viable product
  • You’ve been curious about how to connect with angels, and are looking to bridge the gap between knowledge and practice
  • You are looking to expand your network and connect with angel investors and fellow female founders in a supportive environment
  • You’re eager to get started. Angel School is immediately actionable.


  • A foundational knowledge of venture capital fundamentals (how deals are structured, the due diligence process, cap tables, term sheets, best practices, and negotiation)
  • A honed pitch, personalized fundraising plan, and initial investor funnel
  • A network of fellow entrepreneurs, investors, and the confidence to hit the fundraising trail


  • Angel School for Entrepreneurs is designed for entrepreneurs in the US and Canada actively raising seed capital.
  • Entrepreneurs must already have an incorporated business, and minimum viable product. Technology products, and high growth businesses are the best fit for the program.
  • International applicants are also encouraged, but should be aware that most content is based around North American legal standards and case studies.

What You'll Learn

MODULE 1: The Fundamentals

Build a Foundational Knowledge about Venture Capital

What We'll Cover
  • Investors: Who they are and why they invest
  • What makes a startup fundable?
  • Alternatives to Venture Capital
  • Valuations & Different Stages of Funding
  • Pros and cons of venture capital
  • The Unicorn


Learn the Mechanics of Venture Capital

What We'll Cover
  • How do venture capital funds work?
  • Priced Rounds, Convertible Notes & SAFEs
  • The Anatomy of a Term Sheet
  • How to Read a Cap Table
  • The Due Diligence Process
  • Common Mistakes in Startup Financials
  • Understanding Liquidity Events & Returns

MODULE 3: Positioning

Making your Company Attractive to Investors

What We'll Cover
  • Startups should be exceptional
  • Team
  • Product
  • Market
  • Traction
  • Other Factors Relating to Fundability

MODULE 4: Your Plan

Plan your strategy, hone your pitch, close the deal.

What We'll Cover
  • Planning Your Raise
  • Building the Pitch
  • Building a target Investor List
  • Reaching Out to Target Investors
  • The Pitch Process

MODULE 5: Best Practices

Learn the basics of running a Venture Backed Startup.

What We'll Cover
  • The Startup Lifecycle
  • Startup Business Models
  • Finding “Product Market Fit”
  • Startup Burn Rates
  • Stock Options

MODULE 6: Optimize

Making the most of your fundraise.

What We'll Cover
  • Equity Crowdfunding Strategies
  • Owning Your Brand
  • Fundraising Hacks
  • Common Fundraising Mistakes

Monthly Expert Hours

Get access to archives of all past female funders live sessions with industry experts and invites to special alumni only events.

Past Experts


    CEO of 500px

    Venture Hacker at AngelList

    Managing Partner at 500 Startups

    Startup Battlefield Editor at TechCrunch

    Founder & CEO of Portfolia

    Partner at Foundry Group & Co-Author of Venture Deals

Praise Form Our Grads:

Alanna Beebe, Angel School Alum
Entrepreneur, Co-Founder of Sproutable

"This program has given me such a good foundation and I feel so much more prepared to hit the fundraising road. THANK YOU for putting this all together and for giving me so much extra support. "

Natalie Catania, Angel School Alum
Entrepreneur, Founder of Ms. Dress Up

Female Funders Angel School For Entrepreneurs was the best investment I made this year. I was able to network and learn with entrepreneurs and investors who I may never have been able to connect with on my own. The course work is engaging and I was able to work at my own pace. Katherine was alway available and a fantastic resource. I would highly recommend this course.

Heather Anne Carson, Angel School Alum
Entrepreneur, Co-Founder of Repable

Despite being involved in several startups, this was my first time fundraising. Angel School for Entrepreneurs was an invaluable crash course on investment readiness, and without a doubt helped me bring on our first angel investors.


Angel School Demo Day & Alumni Fund

The Angel School Alumni Fund is a vehicle through which Angel School for Investors Graduates with accredited investor status invest together. The Alumni Fund invests in companies graduating from Angel School for Entrepreneurs as well as in other investment opportunities presented to the group.

As a graduate of the Angel School for Entrepreneurs you’ll be invited to apply to present at Angel School Demo Days which will happen periodically throughout the year. Companies that apply will be reviewed by the investor group and the top companies will be invited to pitch for investment. The Alumni Fund invests in a minimum of one coming coming out of each demo day, with a typical cheque size of $25K USD. Many of our angels also invest personally in presenting companies, in addition to the fund.

Learn more about the fund and our latest investment here.


Katherine Hague
Serial Entrepreneur, Angel Investor & Founder of Female Funders

Katherine is a serial entrepreneur, investor, and the founder of Female Funders, an online destination dedicated to inspiring and educating the next generation of female angel investors.

She is the author of O’Reilly’s upcoming book, “Funded: The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Raising Your First Round”. Prior to leading Female Funders, Katherine founded ShopLocket — acquired in 2014 by PCH — the company behind some of your favorite tech brands and accessories.

Katherine was recently named one of the Women to Watch in Wearables and has been named one of Canada’s Top 100 Most Powerful Women. She has been quoted in the New York Times on fashion tech and recently interviewed for the Oprah Winfrey Network.

Find Katherine online at @KatherineHague or at

Welcome to Angel School for Entrepreneurs.

Today only 2.7% of venture funding goes to female CEOs. We’re here to change that.

Angel School for Entrepreneurs is an online training program and community for entrepreneurs actively raising seed capital. The program is setup to be taken any time, and enrolled students are given instant access to all content.

The course features weekly lessons, real life-case studies, small group training, expert conversations, and ongoing support. We will help you save valuable time and energy on the road to capital, so you can focus on building your game-changing business.

Angel School for Entrepreneurs is meant to be a flexible, approachable, way for entrepreneurs to learn venture capital best practices, build a support network, connect with industry experts, and stay accountable — all on their own time.

Angel School will help you take your business to the next level, I guarantee it.

Katherine Hague
Founder of Female Funders
Serial Entrepreneur & Angel Investor


  • Your fundraising strategy will be unique to you. In Angel School we help you build the toolkit you need to hit the fundraising trail along with best practices for a successful raise.

    Angel School will take what you’ve learned in our webinars or online and put it in practice. There is a lot about the fundraising process that can only be understood by hands on experience. We even provide all the template you need to get started.

    What makes a great pitch? How much should I raise? How do I read a term sheet? What should I expect in due diligence? We answer these questions and many more.

    As a part of Angel School you’ll get to see behind the scenes of dozens of companies and connect directly with investors and other industry experts. Best of all you’re doing it with a group of women with the same mission; to make money and have fun along the way!