The Female Funders Handbook

A Step-by-Step Guide to Making Your First Angel Investment (No law degree or MBA required!)

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Angel Investment is A Socially Concious Way to Diversify Your Investment Portfolio. I’ll Show You How.

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Katherine Hague
Serial Entrepreneur, Angel Investor
Founder of Angel School & Female Funders

How Angel Investors Make Money

Angel investors invest their own money in early stage businesses and make money when a company they invest in is bought or goes public.

When I sold my first company, my first angel investor earned 8 times her initial investment of $10,000. She got her return in just 2 years and it was her first angel investment.

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Made 8x!

Heather Payne

Angel Investor & Founder of HackerYou

Facebook’s first angel investor, Peter Thiel, invested $500,000 in the company in 2004 for 10.2% of the company. When the company IPO’d in May 2012 he made over $1 billion off his initial investment!

In this eBook, we show you everything you need to know to make your first angel investment, we cover:

  • How to Build A Foundational Knowledge
  • How to Build Deal Flow & Pick Winners
  • How Angel Investment Can Help You Diversify Your Portfolio
  • What You Need to Know to Be A Successful Angel

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