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Female Funders is an online destination and community for female angel investors and entrepreneurs. A place to get inspired, learn, network, and invest.

Women around the world continue to climb the corporate ladder, gain financial independence and amass personal wealth at unprecedented rates. We believe that these women are the angel investors of tomorrow - helping to support the next generation of entrepreneurs, while learning and having a lot of fun and learning along the way.

Through Female Funders we hope to create a place where women can find the knowledge, confidence and support they need to succeed on both sides of the table. Helping women make their first investment and continue their journey towards becoming better investors. And helping female entrepreneurs successfully raise capital to grow their businesses.

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A message from Katherine:

I am so excited to bring Female Funders to the world and hope that together we can empower the next generation of women angel investors. I am incredibly passionate about building this community because my entire journey as an entrepreneur would not have been possible without the support of my first angel investor, Heather Payne who put $10K into my company ShopLocket very early on.

For Heather and I the experience of angel investment was mutually beneficial — I learned as an entrepreneur and Heather learned as an investor. So much has happened since. In 2014, ShopLocket was acquired by PCH and I went on to be named one of Canada’s 100 Most Powerful Women and one of 5 Women to Watch in Wearable Technology. I am now an active angel investors, and author.

By doing my part to build this community, I hope to empower more women around the world to make their first angel investments and raise capital to grow their businesses.

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Why women angels should invest

Angel investors can — and often do — lose their entire investment. Angel investments should only be made if you can afford to lose the initial investment and should only be made as part of a larger investment plan.


Develop new skills, become a more savvy overall business person and investor, and find opportunities to explore new industries.


Become inspired by working with incredible women and men that are changing the world both as investors and entrepreneurs.


Have the satisfaction of knowing you’re directly helping entrepreneurs make their dreams a reality.


With a diverse portfolio , patience and consistency, angel investors can make significant returns on their investments. That said, early stage investing is high risk.

Did You Know

Myth 1 Angel investments are always very large amounts of money.

Angel investments typically range from $10-50k but can be as little as $1k, and can be enabled virtually through easy to use platforms like AngelList.

Source: Female Funders

Myth 2 Women don't angel invest.

Women make up almost 20% of angel investors in the US today.

Source: Forbes

Myth 3 Most angels are retired.

75 percent of angels are 55 and under, 44% are under 45 and 16% are under 35.

Source: Virgin Entrepreneur

Myth 4 Most angel investors are millionaires.

Contrary to popular belief, most angels are not millionaires. Typically, they earn between $60,000 and $100,000 a year.


FACT Only 2.7% of venture funding goes to female CEOs.

Source: Babson College

FACT Only 3% of deal making venture capitalist are women.

Source: Techcrunch.

FACT Teams with at least one female founder did 63% better than the all-male founder teams.

Source: First Round Capital

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