New Course Angel School For Entrepreneurs

Over the past few months we have been contacted by many entrepreneurs looking for advice around raising money and seeking the support of the Female Funders community.

Today I am excited to announce that we have launched a companion course to our flagship Angel School program — Angel School for Entrepreneurs.

This 6-week program is specifically built for startup founders looking to raise seed capital.

This course will help demystify fundraising and give entrepreneurs the confidence and know-how they need to raise venture capital. The course will run parallel to the upcoming angel school program (Fen 16th — March 28th), with interaction occurring between students of each course; entrepreneurs learning what it takes to pitch to our angels, and angels learning how to evaluate companies.

Angel School for Entrepreneurs builds on the content from our investor education program, turning the same content on its head. As a student of Angel School for Entrepreneurs students will learn what investors are looking for in investments and how to prepare for and succeed on the fundraising trail. As part of Angel School for Entrepreneurs students will join a network of amazing entrepreneurs and investors around the world.

Are you an entrepreneur looking to raise seed financing? Do you know a founder looking to build confidence before they hit the fundraising trail?Click here to learn more.

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